Make-up kits are available for purchase from studio $70


- Apply Foundation to the face using sponge. Blend make-up around neck & hairline.

- A bronze blush may be used if you desire





- Apply white shadow from eyebrow to eyelid, taking it out to corner of eyes. Apply brown along the line of eyelid crease & out to corner of eye. (You should still see some white above the eyelashes)        



- After colours have been applied draw in black line along the eyelid & continue out from corner of eye to create 'Wings'. We've found a liquid eyeliner pen works best.

- Use white liner to go underneath the eye & continue out under black wing line. With white also add a spot on the inside corner of eye.

- Add mascara to eyelashes (top & bottom if possible)

- Use red pencil to outline lips, than add lipstick

- Flash eyelashes may also be worn