Encore Dance Studio is an all encompassing dance school that offers dance classes in Bundaberg for dancers from 4 years of age to more senior dancers.  Encore Dance Studio welcomes both female and male dancers and offers combined classes in all dance forms.  A male only Hip Hop group is available from 10 years of age.


Encore Dance Studio offers classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz. Contemporary, Hip Hop and Musical Theatre.

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A style of dance which is performed wearing shoes fitted with metal plates. Students learn how to combine the technique of using the ball, heel and toe to create rhythmical sounds.

Encore begins teaching Tap from a young age, 4 years, because we believe in developing a comprehensive understanding of this technique. Tap is one of the most enjoyable styles.



A very technical form of dance and creates the foundation for technique in all other styles of dance. Discipline and focus are required when participating in this form of dance.

Encore Dance Studio offers ballet classes from age 4, up to our Major Ballet levels. This allows the students to experience the style and technique involved from a very young age and continue to the highest levels.



The most common and most enjoyable style for most dancers. This is a style of dance that can be performed to popular music or cabaret and jazz songs.

Encore Dance Studio offers classes from 4 years of age. Our Jazz classes allow students to develop technique as well have fun as it is a very versatile style of dance.

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Has become a very popular style of dance. It is an expressive style of dance which allows the performer to explore many emotions.


At Encore students commence classes at age 9 years and begin in our Modern Ballet class before moving onto the more controlled and technical contemporary style. Ms Miranda Johnstone is the Encore specialist Contemporary teacher. She is very talented in her field and brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to Encore.



A style of street dancing which is usually performed to Hip Hop music. It includes a wide range of styles including popping and locking .


At Encore Dance Studio we begin teaching hip hop from the age of 9 years. We are extremely lucky to have Ms Lennee Graham as our specialist Hip Hop teacher. 



A style of theatrical dance that combines song, acting and dancing.


Encore Dance Studio classes are based on a combination of drama, dance and singing with classes commencing from age 8 years. "Ms Mac"

(Anita McAtee) is our Musical Theatre teacher, she is a fully qualified drama teacher and very experienced in the dance field.

New Program



Encore offers a combination of classes for the little ones. Half hour of combined Jazz and Tap, followed by half hour of Ballet. This allows the children the experience of all three styles and they certainly have lots of fun!

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